Terms and conditions



Driver’s requirements


  1. The renter and additional drivers must be over 25 years old and less than 75 years old, in possession of the driving licence valid or approved in Spain held for a minimum of 2 years. Compromises not to let other people not authorized by Mar y Sol rentacar to drive the vehicle.
  2. The renter undertakes to keep the vehicle closed when not used.
  3. The renter can’t leave or sell the vehicle or the tools inside. Any of these facts will mean the immediate withdrawal of the vehicle by  Mar y Sol rentacar.
  4. The renter recognizes receiving the vehicle in perfect conditions, the 5 tyres and spare wheel in good shape, warning triangles, reflective vest, etc. In case of loss or damage of any of them, the renter undertakes the immediate replacement by wheels or tyres with the same characteristics and state of use.
  5. The odometer and connections shall not be manipulated. If so, the renter must pay the rent of 150 km a day by 30 euro cents/km regardless the indemnity that corresponds to the fraudulent use.
  6. The renter shall be responsible for the crane expenses and of the days of stoppage due to accidents, breakdown or retention due to the negligence of the driver, as well as the breakdowns occurred outside the coverage area. This will be invoiced according to the current rate.
  7. The renter is responsible for the traffic fines, as well as for the expenses of infringements of the circulation legislation. The management of fines and judiciaries will be charged by a minimum of 30Euros to the credit card.
  8. The vehicle can only circulate in the region of Andalusia, except if you request authorization from Mar y Sol to do so in the rest of the peninsula.
  9. Payment in advance, with pick up date.
  10. Deposit from 300 Euros to 900 Euros by credit card, depending on the category of the vehicle.
  11. Limit of kilometres, 300km by day, 1.500 km by week, 3.000 km by month (0,12 euros each one hundred km.
  12. If the car is extremely dirty, 25 Euros are charged (extra) in order to clean it.
  13. If the car is dirty with animal hair, 120€
  14. The repairs will be charged according to the garages estimate.
  15. Key loss is charged with 250€.
  16. The insurance of our vehicles is the compulsory insurance by law, never a fully comprehensive insurance, therefore any damages to the vehicle will be paid by the renter.
  17. The lessee is obliged to communicate to Mar y Sol any accident or damaged suffered by the vehicle within a maximum period of 24 hours, as well as take any necessary action within one’s abilities to avoid further damages, responding to any delays that could impede fulfilling this obligation.
  18. The lessee must refuel the vehicle with the appropriate fuel that is suitable for the vehicle. If the lessee fails to do so, they will be held accountable for the expenses incurred in the transfer and/or repair of damages that may have been caused to the vehicle due to the use of inappropriate fuel.
  19. The lessee agrees not to carry more passengers in the vehicle than those corresponding to the seats provided in the vehicle, nor to take part in races or other competitions with the vehicle. It is also forbidden the sublease of the car or the transport of people with an economic compensation. It is agreed that the lessee is solely responsible for the penalties for any breach of the Circulation Code or breach of other ordinances, also responding to subsequent consequences of the same origin.
  20. Mar y Sol is not responsible for any object forgotten in the vehicle after finalizing its contract and returned to Mar y Sol Rent a Car.
  21. General conditions available, request them.



Additional driver: you have the possibility to add additional drivers that will be covered by the insurance with an extra charge of 4 € /day each driver, with the limit of 3 additional drivers per contract. All the clients and/or additional drivers are jointly responsible of the obligations of the client with the contract and the laws applied to it.


Child boosters and baby seats: 4,5 € per day and chair received in each contract. The installation is responsibility of the client.

GPS: 5€ per day



The fuel is responsibility of the renter, besides, the levels of oil and water will be checked when the rental is over 2 weeks.


The normal mechanical wear of the vehicle is assumed by Mar y Sol rentacar.



In case of having to pay an established quantity or arising from the general conditions of the contract, pending payment amount, damages done to the vehicle, even if the contract is over and while preparing the vehicle in the garage damages are found, traffic fines or any other type from the negligent acts of the client by damages done to the vehicle, accidents not covered by the insurance, the renter or the additional driver or drivers signing authorise Mar y Sol rentacar to do the direct debit /debit card without the need to advise previously and sending later the proof to the client or the other authorised person.

Legislation and jurisdiction


The present contract is referred and interpreted according to the current Spanish laws. Any matter will be submitted to the Tribunals of Malaga.


These terms and conditions are a translation of the Spanish ones and are for informative purpose only, in case of dispute, the valid one is the Spanish.


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